Cruciani - Italian Cashemere


100% made in Italy

Love for beauty and endless passion for excellence are the ingredients for Cruciani’s success.

the tradition

Born in 1992 in the middle of Umbria, the heart of Italy, the brand represents the best of a long family tradition and the best of a research parable that is always evolving, becoming the symbol of a cosmopolitan elegance,

Actual, with strong national roots.

Breezy and sophisticated, Cruciani’s items recall the patient and careful work of technically

expert and creative laborers who reach the unique and exclusive brand’s interpretation and aesthetics

the magic of cashmere

Cruciani interprets the magic of cashmere according to contemporary taste, with style and constant attention to new trends.

But is experience the propulsive motivation that guides choices, connected to a scientific and precise know-how, aimed to offer a unique product, characterized by total quality, time and use resistant, a luxury product that is pure pleasure for each of the five senses.

la magia del cashmere

Cruciani reinterpreta la magia del cashmere secondo il gusto contemporaneo, con stile e attenzione costante alle nuove tendenze.

Ma è l’esperienza la spinta propulsiva che guida le scelte, legate a un know-how scientifico e di precisione, con l’obiettivo finale di offrire un prodotto unico, improntato alla qualità totale, resistente al tempo e all’usura, un prodotto di lusso, che sia puro piacere per ciascuno dei cinque sensi.