100% made in Italy

sweetness and softness

There is an easy and immediate way to recognize the value of a cashmere item: weigh it. 

With equal yarn quality and the number of threads used, a Cruciani knit weights 10% more than other companies pullovers.

Using larger amounts of long and fine yarn avoids unpleasant peeling, giving the clothes better twisting capability.

A complex production, necessary to guarantee all the typical features of the best clothes.

attention the detail

Selected raw materials, rare and precious yarns like Cullinam and Red Diamond, that grow from a bow that is 6,5 times thinner than a hair, are worked with dedication to become iconic and exclusive collection that meet the contemporary needs and desires  of an international clientele.

la cura del dettaglio

Non si trascura nessun dettaglio: ogni processo aziendale è improntato al rispetto e alla sostenibilità, in linea con gli standard internazionali di tutela ambientale. Questo ha portato Cruciani a ottenere la certificazione norvegese Det Norske Veritas per la «salvaguardia della vita, della proprietà e dell’ambiente.»


No detail left behind: every business process is marked on respect and sustainability that conforms to the international standards of environment protection. This let Cruciani obtains the Norwegian certification Det Norske Veritas for «life, property and environment protection.»